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Updated: May 20



Good to Know what to do, before purchasing a video from this site, and what steps to take , so we can succesfully, and quickly complete your video project.

Thank you for selecting your most purposeful template you want us to customize for your needs.


How Does It Work?

Find your video in this help section, by searching the name of template.

Read about what entails to edit your template.

How we can change colors, text, logo, and photos. Also, find out the required size and format of the images you will need to send to us, and all other features of your choosen template, like fonts, and sound.


Keep in mind, that editing these ready templates are limited, as oppose to crating a video from scrach, and by using a video editing software. The later, costs much more, and takes more time to create.


If you require further editing, we might just build a video for you from scratch. These templates are, on the other hand, the most economical, and fast to create. Also these templates can be inserted into longer videos.


What To Do?

All you have left to do is to dive in to our help section, find out about your choosen template of how can be customized for your needs.

During purchase, you will be promted to upload the images to be inserted into your template and in the required size(s). Tell us what colors you prefer us to use, or show us the webpage where the video to be placed so we can match the video colors with your site's colors to achieve the maximum visual impact, and to emphasise your brand. We will ask you about the text you want to change on the template to make it your own, andabout any other given variables of each product.

Limitations: The lenght of words are limited in each video template.

Some templates have a few sound to choose from, but some have just a default sound or music.

Find all you need to know about each template through this help section before you purchase to understand how this system works, and to avoid any mis-understandings.

Leave the rest to us in providing you with a customized video tailored to your business or other endevours.

Affordable Fees For Extra Services

After receiving our work, any extra change you may require, will be made for an extra fee. Like adjusting color, changing font, images, sound, to name a few.

If you are not willing to size your images, we can size them for you for a fee/ image.

If you have any additional question that, have not been answered in this Help section, please do not hesitate to contact us from our Home page

Services Price List (Coming Soon)

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