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TEMPLATE NAME: Glass and Chrome Lower Third

Updated: May 20, 2023

(gif sample no audio) sample video(1) sample video(2)



For Customizing this video template you must submit your requirements to us. If you fail to do so, we will not be able to customize the template, and you will receive the default version.

To brand this video to your business, please submit a logo, your text and colors or just one color, depending on which template you want us to edit. Choose from the audio files that are available. (top links)


Indicate the layout of the template we will edit for you. Choose a portrait, landscape, or a square layout.

You will be asked to indicate which layout you would like your Customized Video to be.

Submit Image:

Logo 2048x2048 px

Format: PNG, JPG, GIF

Submit Text:

Font: As presented on GIF sample

Main Title: Up to 14 pieces of letter

Subtitle: Up to 18 pieces of letter

Submit Color: two colors

Glass Color: # fe1e00 (red) can be change to the color of your choice.

Text Color: # fefefe (off-white)

Choose Audio: Choose either the Default or an SFX audio file.



EDITABLE PARTS: Usually the Text, Logo, Text, but not font-type, color(s) of text and design, or transition of colors. Use the default or the other available audio file(s), (like SFS, SFS+Music, etc.)

Sound files varies/per templates. You will be required to choose a sound file for your video, or you can also receive your video without any soud effects.


For Video platforms, and websites pick a landscape layout, and for Instagram- like platforms choose portrait. The square- shaped videos meant to be used for social media sites, but you can also experiment.

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